BBQ Huts (Finnish Grillikota)

(6.9 m²) Super Small BBQ Hut


€4,950.00 EUR €5,500.00 EUR

"When a life is so fast paced like today, you need to celebrate every single moment and achievement - no matter how small or trivial it may seem: the magic of the very first smile of your child, a kind word from a friend when it is mostly needed, an apple pie and cup of fragrant coffee on Sunday afternoon..."

-MARIUS, A Hundred Woods, Manager

A Cozy Finnish BBQ Hut (Grillikota) For Your Everyday Magic

6.9 m² Grillikota is designed for those small yet special moments with the dearest and closest ones. Placed in your garden it can fit in 5-10 people and will instantly bring idyllic atmosphere of retreat. You can enjoy long evenings over a glass of wine, intimate dinner, have a time on your own to appreciate the day or read a book.

6.9 m² Grillikota is a baby-hut in the family of finnish BBQ huts. Endearing and cozy it adds a touch of Nordic charm to your backyard or garden.

Produced from highest quality materials and based on traditional Lapland (Finland) construction this grillikota cabin allows you to invite magic to your life without leaving your home. Let's make your backyard a magic place.

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Standart Set

Octagonal (8 corners) hut covers 6.9 m² of floor area and reaches a total height of 3.22 m. It is a sweet decoration even for a small backyard garden. It includes:

  • Bitumen shingle roof of your selected colour;

  • Grill with the cooking platforms and a table;
  • Adjustable chimney;
  • 4 double glazed windows that can be opened;
  • Doors with a lock and a hexagon window;
  • 5 benches inside;
  • Wood/Charcoal-fired grill;

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    It will be delivered right to your doorstep in full set, with detailed manual and drawing assembly plans.

    Your very own finnish BBQ hut can be assembled in 6 hours with two people working.



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