Thanks to our clients

  • "I would like to say thank you for all your help with regard the BBQ hut. It's arrived safely this morning and on time . I managed to get a friend to off load it with a Forklift . I would highly recommend you and the transport company for such a wonderful service. Once we have assembled it, I will forward a photograph to you."

    Jeanette West, UK
    BBQ Hut (16.5 m²)

  • "Customer service was excellent. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again!"

    John Smith, UK
    Wood Fired Hot Tub (Ø 1.9 m)

  • "Waking up while camping has never been this convenient. None of us feel tired or poorly rested anymore, so we can spend more time playing with our children and enjoying ourselves in the open."

    George Allan, Scotland

  • "Warm and welcoming interior creates a cozy atmosphere allowing us to catch up with each others routines and sweat the tension out!"

    Daniëlle, Netherlands
    BBQ Hut + Sauna Extension

  • "My wife loves to decorate our house so she absolutely adored the idea of creating a cozy space for ourselves and our guests too. Now we spend even more time with friends and family and we enjoy this special gateway to pleasing liaisons".

    Leo from Belgium

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