(16.5 m² + extension) Large BBQ Hut


€8,280.00 EUR €9,200.00 EUR

"Think of a perfect party. Is it a weekend afternoon with a few closest friends? Or do you hear the noise of a music and see a dancing crowd? There are lots of ways to enjoy time with your friends and you can do it in the comfort of your own backyard. With some extra improvement and the right space your party can become one of those memorable moments that your friends will be talking about for months to come."

-MARIUS, A Hundred Woods, Manager

A Grill Kota Hut For Extra Fun

Grill kota hut (16.52 m²) with an extension allows you to throw parties that will impress your guests. Big enough to fit in 15-21 people the cabin features an extension of 2.9 m².

Just think about all the possibilities that this extra space of almost 3 m² rewards you with. Wouldn't it be fun to have a movie night with all your friends? What about your wedding slide show for your family? Or a twister maybe?

Our large 16.5 m² grill kota BBQ hut with an extension is an exclusive addition to your garden. Top quality materials, tradition based modern design and reasonable pricing will upgrade your environment. 

    Let's make some space for extra fun in your backyard!

    Standart set

    Octagon (8 corners) shaped grill kota cabin covers 16.5 m² and reaches total height of 3.56 m. Consists of eight wall panels, eight roof panels and eight floor panels. It features:

    • Bitumen shingle roof - and you have 3 colour choices;

    • Grill with the cooking platforms and a table fitted around the grill;
    • Adjustable chimney;
    • 5 double glazed windows - you can open 3 of them;
    • Doors with a lock and a hexagon window;
    • 6 benches inside, 2 of them can be folded;
    • Wood/Charcoal-fired grill;
    • Adjustable cooking platform and two platforms for kitchen ware;
    • And an extension of 1.74 x 1.69 m.

    Too see more accessories please visit our BBQ hut accessories page.



      We deliver grill kota set right to your doorstep fully packed. It also includes a thorough assembly manual and comprehensible drawing plans.

      Within 7 hours and two people working you can have a ready to use cabin.



      Free Advice

      It would be our pleasure to guide you through our supplementary products, colour or other grillkota options.

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