Whether you live in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Somerset, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands or beyond, we make it easy to bring Gardensale24 products into your backyard. 

Once your order is placed, we will go to great lengths to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of your new building. Transportation is a very important step in the process and we will guarantee that your shipment gets proper care and attention from the moment it leaves our factory to the time it arrives at your door.

Freight Carrier

Your delivery will be handled by one of our carefully chosen transportation partners. Normally shipments are delivered between 9am and 5pm, Mon - Fri, and we do require that someone is on hand to receive it. Your sales manager of Gardensale24 will be in touch with you a few days prior to the shipping approaching date to co-ordinate the delivery and review the all the details with you.

Unloading your building or any other product from Gardensale24

Most of our products come as kits and are packaged in such a way that they may be unloaded piece by piece easily by hand. Drivers will be helpful and most of the times they help to unload the goods. Normally a standart cargo can be unloaded by 4 strong men. In other cases with larger items  a client has to arrange a forklift or a crane . It is also possible to order fully assembled items if construction allows it and trasnportation cost is acceptable. (BBQ huts can be shipped only unassembled as a KIT) Keeping in mind that driver can’t be on hold all day, the cargo must be unloaded within 1 hour. Depending on the size, style, number of options, and accessories of your building, the weight and dimensions of your cargo will vary. Your sales manager will guide you and will be always avaliable by phone so there is nothing to worry about.

Local Cartage Delivery

If your location is not accessible to large 18-wheel truck and trailer (13.6 LDM)  (i.e. cul-de-sac, low hanging trees or wires, narrow or rural road etc.) in such a case we will deliver your order to the nearest logistic-distribution centre and you will have to pick it up from there by yourself. It is also possible to leave this local cartage delivery for us which means that we will transfer your items at an off-site location from full size “highway” (13.6 LDM) truck to a smaller lorry or flatbed trailer. There is nothing to  worry about becouse your personal sales assistant will make sure that it is properly explained and coordinated at the same time of order.

Estimated Freight Charge

You can see an approximate transportation price in the checkout. These rates are generally accurate, however if the location is extremely remote or difficult to access the transportation rate may vary. Your personal assistant of Gardensale24 will confirm this for you at the time of order.

Remote or Difficult Locations

We see this as an opportunity - not a problem. Over the years we have shipped our products to some particularly remote locations. We are ready to do our very best in order to find a way to get the building or any other product from Gardensale24 to its final destination.