🚚 Delivery prices might vary | Please contact your sales manager before purchasing ☀️

🚚 Delivery prices might vary | Please contact your sales manager before purchasing ☀️

About Us


Our main goal is to simply bring together TOP quality products at great prices.

We aim to provide a remarkable experience when you do shopping on our online store, offering quality products with a highly rated individual customer service ☺

Best deals
We are happy to have close business relations with our manufaturers so we can offer you the best prices you can get all around the Europe. Operating from Lithuania we bring together the most popular small garden buildings in one place. Hope you will benefit buying from us or simply stay in touch to find the best deals when you need it.
Individual customer service
We understand that sometimes it may seem to be complicated buying an over-sized item through the online store. For this reason once your order is placed you will get your personal manager who will advise you and answer all your questions. Being a start-up we can specifically focus on the individual customers.
Lead time
Keeping in mind that most of our products are over-sized, we unfortunately can’t guarantee that your products are going to be delivered within the first 3-7 days due to the possible delays by the shipping companies. However we can assure and guarantee that you will receive your bbq hut or any other item you choose in a 31 day period.
We want to receive a 100% positive feedback in every touch you have with us. Please let us know what could we do to improve your experience. We would really appreciate that as every single customer is extremely important to us.

Thank you for visiting us!

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