Garden Room On A Budget


€4,320.00 EUR €4,800.00 EUR

Quick and easy installation. This garden room (studio) on a budget model is made with special attention in making assembly process super easy. It has never been that simple to build a prefab garden room! Wooden structure is designed as affordable multifunctional space to match everyone’s needs and budget.

The exterior design and dimensions of this wooden structure will blend perfectly into a new residential area, rural landscape or next to your cottage or summerhouse. We have 3 different sizes for sale.
  • STANDART SET (3 x 3) (3 x 4) (3 x 5)

    • Roof panels from spruce;
    • Self-adhesive bitumen membrane for roof covering;
    • Roof, door and windows tin finishing;
    • Wall panels from spruce with impregnated bottom parts;
    • 2 pcs of aluminum glass wall Alutech (1000 x 2200 mm);
    • 1 pc (3 x 3) or 2 pc (3 x 4) or 3 pc (3 x 5)  of aluminum sliding doors system Alutech (3 rails).

    *Furniture is not included.

  • SPECIFICATIONS (3 x 3) (3 x 4) (3 x 5)

    People: 6 persons (3 x 3) or 8 persons (3 x 4) or 10 persons (3 x 5)
    Timber: Spruce
    Shape: Rectangle
    Room: One Room inside
    Inside area: 9.0 m² (3 x 3) or 12.0 m² (3 x 4) or 15.0 m² (3 x 5)
    Total height: 2855mm
    Exterior Cladding: 18 mm
    External dimension: 3286 x 3154 mm
    Door size: 3000 x 2200 mm
    Window size: 1000 x 2200 mm


    It is very important to make a right foundation for your garden room. Therefore we recommend preparing the foun­dation according to the sketches here. First of all, foundation must be prepared according to the landscape and ground conditions. Our advice is to complete the site preparation and the foundation before unpacking your garden room kit.

    proper foundation for garden room studio plan


    Prefab wooden garden rooms are delivered to the customer not assembled, but with detailed assembly instructions and drawings, and packed on a pallet as a kit.

    For other delivery options please contact us.