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Product Description: 

Make your all summer barbecue parties a hit with this BBQ branding iron accessory! 

Serve your meat in style with your own personalised viral messages, funky jokes or names in your bbq hut.

It includes 55 letters and spaces which allows you to personalise your meat and get attention from your bbq friends.  From 'Happy Birthday' to 'Hands off', the possibilities are endless. 

With this BBQ Branding Iron, your barbecues are guaranteed to be fun filled this Summer! And don't forget to post your branded masterpiece on Instagram!

Letter quantities:

3 x A, 2 x B, 2 x C, 3x D, 2 x E, 2 x F, 1 x G, 2 x H, 3 x I, 1 x J, 1 x K, 4 x L, 2 x M, 2 x N, 4 x O, 2 x P, 1 x Q, 4 x R, 3 x S, 3 x T, 2 x U, 1 x V, 1 x W, 1 x X, 2 x Y, 1 x Z


  • 55 letters
  • No tools needed
  • Wooden handle to minimise heat
  • Hand wash only
  • 45cm length

Package Contents:  

1 x BBQ Branding Iron
55 x Letters

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