Glamping Pods


€4,950.00 EUR €5,500.00 EUR

  • Glamping Pods as well known as camping pods come in two sizes.  A smaller pod has one room and a bigger one offers two rooms - one for sleeping and another one for changing, keeping stuff or simply taking a minute off.

    What is more, furniture really adds to the convenience of the pod. Double wooden beds can be transformed into sofas, so it is easy to switch from bedroom to a comfy resting room. In addition to that, two wooden poufs come really handy, because you can keep your things inside or move poufs out and enjoy warm summer evenings outdoors.

    Finally wooden benches and a table put an accommodating finish to a pod. The temporary home provides with everything you need to sleep, keep your bags and simply take a minute off.

    Enjoy luxurious and commodious glamping!
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  • Standart set:

    • Pod made from spruce
    • Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected color
    • Opening window in the back wall
    • Double doors with a lock and the double glass windows

    4 m length pod's interior layout:

    • One large room inside
    • Double Bed - Sofa

    4.8 m length pod interior layout:

    • Two rooms inside: a sleeping and a sitting room
    • Sitting room with 2 wooden poufs, a table and a bench
    • Sleeping room with double wooden bed, which can be transformed into a sofa.

    Drawings:  4.8 m pod, 4 m pod, 4 m interior layout, Foundation

    Furniture set for 4.8 m length model :

    • Double Bed - Sofa 200x156x48
    • Drawer Under The Single Bed
    • Single Bed 220x94x43
    • Table 85 X 60
    • 2 x Wooden Poufs 50 X 50
  • Pods can be delivered only as a KIT together with all necessary assembly instructions and drawings. One man can easily assemble it within less that 8 hours.