Insulated Glamping Pods


€6,570.00 EUR €7,300.00 EUR

  • Insulated Glamping Pods For Convenience In The Nature

    Pod is a great bonus to your garden, camping place and your lifestyle! It offers comfortable resting space for your guests, exciting gateway to your kids and style for your backyard. Besides, it fits from 4 to 8 people inside, so it is perfect for friend stay overs or children pajama parties!

    Pods are designed in a modern but yet really cozy Scandinavian way. Pods are made from wood - a lightly coloured spruce, while the roof is made from bitumen shingles. It is also possible to choose the colour of the roof from red, black or natural green.

    Walls, floor and panels are insulated which offers the opportunity for comfortable glamping with your friends and family, even during cold winter months.

    These pods complement great glamping experiences and provide your guests with additional comfort.

    If you need any more details please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Standart set:

    Pod made from spruce with insulated walls
    Roof covered with bitumen shingles of your selected color

    Opening window in the back wall
    Double doors with a lock and the double glass windows
    Two rooms inside

    Furniture set:

    Double Bed - Sofa 200x156x48
    Drawer Under The Single Bed
    Single Bed 220x94x43
    Table 85 X 60
    2 x Wooden Poufs 50 X 50
    Kitchen Set or bench in front room

    Product sheets with drawings: 4.8 m x 2.4 m, 4.8 m x 3.2 m

  • Pods can be delivered only as a KIT together with all necessary assembly instructions and drawings. 2 men can easily assemble it within one day.