(9.2 m²) Small BBQ Hut


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"Every family has its own special moments to celebrate – maybe it is your anniversary, hosted dinner for your friends, your child's birthday party or a traditional family reunion? Those are the moments that call for special environment to be enjoyed at its fullest."

-MARIUS, A Hundred Woods, Manager

A Unique BBQ Hut For Sale. This One Is Made For Your Special Times!

Originating in Scandinavia, 9.2 m² BBQ hut aka grillikota is a perfect solution for family cook-outs or an evening in a small circle of friends. Compact, yet spacious enough for 15 people, it will reward you with dear and joyful memories. After a long day or tough week you and your loved ones can have an instant escape from the routine without stepping outside of your backyard. It is a place to have long hearty conversations over a glass of wine, a moment of needed solitude, sleepovers for noisy excited kids, and it can even serve as a guest room.

9.2 m² BBQ hut is a unique product based on traditional Nordic construction and is designed especially for your backyard or garden. It provides both comfort and exclusiveness to your environment. Top quality materials, tradition based modern design and reasonable BBQ hut prices will provide you with a lovely place to make memories right in your backyard.

    Let's make your backyard a place where every night can be extraordinary!
    Standart Set

    Optimal size, hexagon (6 corners) shaped cabin with floor area of 9.2 m² and total height of 3.25 m fits perfectly in medium-sized properties. It features:

    • Bitumen shingle roof (with colour choice);

    • Grill with the cooking platforms and a table;
    • Adjustable chimney;
    • 3 double glazed windows (1 opening);
    • Doors with a lock and a hexagon window;
    • 5 benches inside (2 folding benches);
    • Wood/Charcoal-fired grill;
    • Adjustable cooking platform and two platforms for kitchen ware;

    Find more accessories on the BBQ hut accessories page of Garden Sale 24.



    We deliver BBQ hut right to your doorstep in full set, with detailed assembly manual and drawing plans. A fully packed pallet contains six wall panels, six roof panels and three floor panels.

    Just in 6 hours with two people working you will have a BBQ hut.



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