"Standart" Grill & Chimney Set For Grill kota BBQ hut

Standart grill and chimney comes together with most of our grill kota BBQ huts. Chimney is produced from the 1 mm steel using spot-welding technique. All surfaces are painted using a powder coating. Colour does not change in 200 degree.

Grill is made from 2 mm cold rolled steel sheets and welded using TIG type welding.

Standard set:

  • Grill with the cooking platforms and a table around the grill;
  • Adjustable chimney.

Total height of the chimney is 220 cm (6-corner) 265 cm (8-corner). Grill height till table is 70 cm.

Standart BBQ hut grill and chimney set is packed on a pallet of size 0.90 x 1.20 x 1.25 m.

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