12 Ways To Use And Maintain Finnish BBQ Huts In A Right Way

12 Ways To Use And Maintain Finnish BBQ Huts In A Right Way

It is such a good feeling to purchase a great product which fulfills your needs and expectations. However you have to look after it to make it blossom. So I'll give you some valuable tips of how to use and maintain your freshly bought finnish BBQ hut and enjoy its given pleasures for as long as it is possible!

1. First Use

When you enter the hut for the first time, familiarize with the surfaces that are in direct contact with the flames. When the grill is used, at first it may create smoky smell, so it's better to keep the doors open and start cooking right after the smell has cleared!

2. How's It With The Paint?

All metal grill details are covered with paint. Please be noted that it doesn't consist of any unhealthy or hazardous materials! While using the hut, some splitting and burning of the paint is normal, because in the long run the paint does not bear the heat of the flames.  

3. Stay safe

Don't forget to always stay aware, that the grill may have sharp edges and the steel parts of the grill heat up when the fire is on. Therefore take care of your kids and yourself too.

4. Starting A Fire?

I suggest to use natural materials like starter cubes or a little of lighter fluid with small dry birch logs for lighting the fire for the first time. To make it even more easy, open the damper and keep the door open to let some fresh air in. 

5. What To Burn? 

The bigger logs can be added when the fire is burning well. Choose a non-sparking wood type and  avoid using spruce or aspen and wood covered with bark. I‘d also suggest to use logs no longer than 30 cm. Adding some charcoal may help too! 

6. Don't forget the air! 

In order to prepare ember, adjust the ventilation by opening and closing the damper. Sufficient fresh airflow is very important for smoke exhaustion. Remember, that as much fresh air come inside as it goes out with the smoke.

7. Dry, Not Wet 

Make sure that the wood is dry and not covered with bark. Try putting additional dry wood if needed. Also, don‘t forget to remove coals and ashes from the fireplace after they have cooled down.

8. Think about foundation

It is highly recommended to build your new finnish BBQ Hut on a foundation with a ventilation system. It would definitely simplify the assembly of a hut and would also minimize the amount of smoke inside of it. Durability of the hut would be prolonged too as it would be immune to the moist coming from the ground.

9. Change Is Normal

Don‘t forget that wood is a natural material, it changes and moves depending on weather conditions. Large and small cracks, color tone differences and changes may appear as the time goes, but don‘t panic! It‘s a result of nature and time which make the hut even more special and personal. 

10. Impregnation Is Important

Natural wood (not impregnated) becomes grayish after being left untouched for a while. It could also turn blue and become a bit moldy. If you want to prevent that from happening, process the hut with wood impregnation to protect its exterior.. 

11. Don't Forget Doors And Windows!

I‘d definitely recommend to  process doors and windows with wood impregnation agent too, not forgetting neither inside neither outside. Why it‘s so important? They could become a bit twisted if you don‘t! In general, it‘s best to finish impregnation with a touch of weather protection paint that will save wood from moisture and UV radiation.

12. Take Care Of Your Stuff!

To end with, it would be perfect to pay attention to your your finnish babecue hut every once in a while. Inspect this tiny house thoroughly once in six month and you‘ll be happy to have that tiny little house in your garden for a long time! 

So it is really easy to correctly maintain and use you BBQ Hut! Just follow these steps and you'll be able to enjoy its given pleasures for a really long time. Cheers!

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